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How to start?

Before entering the Gaia biodiversity yardstick, you need to create an account.

Click “register” at the right top and fill out the form.

A password will be generated automatically and sent to you by mail. This password will not only protect your data but you will be also able to adjust your data anytime.

After registration you can login and record your farm data in approximate 15 - 30 minutes time

User’s Guidelines

  1. If you are a member of a group of farms using the Gaia biodiversity yardstick, please regsiter your group code which has been provided by your group.
  2. After the log in, you need to choose the type of yardstick you like to use on the page My profile:

    • Gaia2: standard for livestock and mixed farms
    • Gaia2arable: specific yardstick for large scale arable farming (for mixed farms and small scale arable farms Gaia2014 is advised)

    If you participate in a project, see the project instructions for the type of yardstick to be used. Also you need to create a name for your own yardstick on the page My profile. Enter a name that describes the data you will be entering (e.g. year related to the data, new version of previous yardstick).

  3. Click to accept the condition: ”Hereby I give permission to CLM to use data provided by the user - only in an anonymous way - for developing a benchmark”.
  4. Answer the questions truthfully, related to the year used in the name of your yardstick.
  5. Save your answers at the end of each page using the “save form” button. After saving, you will automatically move to the next page.
  6. If you enter area data, pleas use a dot for decimal numbers (e.g. 1.3ha).
  7. In case you did not answer all the questions, you get a notice on the result page.
  8. You may stop answering the questions at anytime. Just click “save form”. Your data will be saved and are available any other time.
  9. You may move back in the questionnaire to change answers. Be aware: it may happen that questions don’t open or close correctly. In this case, click “save form”, open another page of the yardstick and then return to the page and question you like to change.
  10. You may like to design more versions of the yardstick. This is possible on the page “My profile”. E.g. you may create a yardstick for next year. Therefore you can copy the previous yardstick and save it under a new name.  In this case you only have to adjust the changes compared to the previous one. This offers opportunity to monitor and compare the biodiversity scores over the years.
    Or answer the questions again if you prefer that option for another yardstick.
  11. After answering all the questions, your biodiversity scores are generated. You may print the results. Your data become –anonymous- available to CLM, used to create a benchmark. CLM will not publish your individual farm data without your permission.